Do the Hustle

I do not believe I have discussed the music and dances done at our wedding. Before you laugh too much, you must remember we are talking about the 70’s, and I am sure at least one of these dances is still done today. (This is where I defer to our family photographer for a comment on this.)

In anticipation of the reception, I got together with several of my friends to practice ahead of time. Saturday Night Fever had come out the year before, so disco dancing was big. I pulled out my copy of the movie soundtrack and we all practiced our moves so we would be ready for the big night.

I would like to mention that this dance was not too difficult to learn since we had already mastered “the hustle,” a similar dance based upon a song which came out in 1975. Do the Hustle by Van McCoy. (Click the link. You’ll be glad you did!)

I am not sure if both the hustle and the song from Saturday Night Fever were played at our wedding. We did not have a DJ. Instead, we had a really awful band recommended by Grandpa. While we had listened to them ahead of time, on the big day, a few substitutions were made, so the band that played was not exactly the same as the band we heard ahead of time. All I know is that we have the photo of us dancing to prove we did our little routine.

In addition to the hustle, I am quite certain we did another line dance popular at that time known as the Alley Cat. (Come on, kids! Check out this link too.)

Next time we are together, perhaps this summer in New Jersey, I can demonstrate it with my sisters so you will see what you missed. It may not be Shout, but it was a biggie back then. (Shout, by the way, is is my guess for the only song still played at weddings forty years later.)