Forget the Heists

Dad and I need to come up with a better retirement plan because knocking off a bank, along with any similar crime, is now off the table forever.  That is because he and I are now in the system thanks to TSA Precheck.

After careful consideration, we decided to sign up for the service. My days of always being prechecked have ended so going in the “other line” is more sporadic than a constant. When I print out my boarding passes I have been compelled to remove my shoes, clear liquids, computer, and kindle more often than being able to leave them in my suitcase. I am no longer special.

Dad was convinced I had been prechecked because of being vetted by security in London because of my proximity to the former Irish prime minister five years ago, but I thought it was because I was a grandmother. (Who doesn’t trust their grandmas?)

So we filled out the application, had our fingerprints taken, and paid the fee to the TSA. Now we wait for our approval as the FBI checks us out.

What happens if we are rejected? What will we do for extra cash? Maybe we will set up a lemonade or Kool-Aid stand like in the good old days of our youth.