Time to Play Trivia

I decided it was time to start “cleaning” two of the bedrooms which still have some of your possessions- particularly the lavender room, which is where I began the cleanse. While perusing the bookcase, I came across a fascinating book—New Jersey Trivia. As a trivia-loving family, I thought you would all love to play.

  1. Casey for you: Grace Kelly had a summer home in what city?
  2. What islands were ceded to New York State in an 1833 treaty? (I am shocked by this!)
  3. Which Morris County town is known as “Rose City?” (Hint: Tori)
  4. What is New Jersey’s largest lake? Easy peasy
  5. What actor/actress from Grease was born in Englewood, New Jersey?
  6. In what city was Jason Alexander born in 1959?
  7. Who was the first Democrat to carry NJ for president since Lyndon Johnson in 1964?
  8. What year did New Jersey enter the Union?
  9. What is the largest religious denomination in the state? (You can get this one!)
  10. Who is the only New Jersey native to become President of the United States?
  11. In what numerical order did NJ ratify the Bill of Rights? (Cheer!!)
  12. What part of Rutgers University was once the largest women’s college in the United States? (If you don’t know this, girls, shame on you. I went here!)
  13. In what town did George Washington winter in 1776 and again in 1779-80?
  14. What is the state tree?
  15. What is the state flower? (Casey, you will be happy with the answer)
  16. Where does New Jersey rank in the number of hazardous waste sites? (Unfortunately, this did not shock me!)
  17. Where was telephone service first provided
  18. What is the highest temperature ever recorded in the state?
  19. What seaside town is informally known as the “Irish Riviera?”
  20. Where are Loveladies, Harvey Cedars, and Ship Bottom?



  1. Ocean City
  2. Liberty and Ellis
  3. Madison
  4. Hopatcong
  5. John Travolta
  6. Newark
  7. Bill Clinton
  8. 1787
  9. Roman Catholic
  10. Grover Cleveland
  11. First
  12. Douglass College
  13. Morristown
  14. Oak (technically the red oak)
  15. Purple violet (okay, I failed this one!)
  16. First
  17. Camden in 1878 (I had no idea!)
  18. 110º in 1936 (Does Grandma remember?)
  19. Ellen??? You will be happy to learn it is Spring Lake
  20. Long Beach Island

Post your scores. Who won?