Who is Naughty and Who is Nice?

Tonight Santa is coming, and I know nerves are frayed with Bryce as he worries about his sister. “At least you’ll get something from me,” he told her one day after observing her increasingly bad behavior.

It did not help when Santa told them both that they were on the “nice list,” and I think that Bryce was more excited than she was about this erroneous pronouncement by the jolly old elf. Their mom responded by reminding Lily that “he’s making a list and checking it twice.”

So they will don their Christmas pajamas and put out their cookies and reindeer food for Santa. Thankfully, Mommy was able to clean the blood from Bryce’s pj’s after an out-of-control nosebleed, but he was not worried. “It doesn’t matter how I look. It matters how I feel. And the blood would have added a Christmasy look.” Jamie, the nosebleeder of our family, would never have acted so calmly if her special pajamas had been afflicted by a blood explosion!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Happy!