Time to Move

Dad and I are going to Alaska later this year as part of our 40thanniversary celebration. I am excited to see our northernmost state, but I am equally eager to finally visit Canada. In light of the recent events this past weekend and now with this new wacky administration, I am wondering if we should go in disguise. Canadians probably don’t like us now, but Dad and I like them. Perhaps we should consider relocating somewhere up there.

I am thinking that Vancouver may be the place to go. The climate has fairly mild winters and there is little or no snow. Unfortunately, they have more rain than any other Canadian city during that season.

Okay, so the cost of living is higher, but can it be higher than NJ? Listen to what we found.

There is a city just outside of Vancouver which allegedly has the best Asian food in North America. (Dad is already packing his bags and looking for a real estate agent!) This oasis of Asian delectability is a city of 200,000 residents with over 74% of Asian background.

Our potential new home is Richmond, British Columbia, and there are supposedly 400 Asian restaurants—half within a three-block area. You know that this is heaven!

And just look at the Canadian Prime Minister. Richmond, here we come!

Richmond Market- NY Times