Humble and Fun- Wow #6

We meet many people during our lifetime—some for just a brief moment while others remain in our lives. I would like to discuss another person who has touched my life and is among the Top 10 Most Fascinating and/or Admirable People I Have Met.

She is not famous and I know that she will be surprised upon reading this. You all know her, but only since we moved down here. I always knew “of her” but I don’t recall ever meeting her until we were both Southern Belles and officially met at her husband’s funeral. We bonded at a genealogy conference near her home, which was so fitting since we are leaves on the same family tree.

What has impressed me the most is her attitude. Life has thrown a lot of big bad stones along her path, but she has somehow managed to remain an upbeat person. She has faced unimaginable loss in her lifetime, but can still smile. If I look at all the people I have known and was given the task of labeling each as an optimist or pessimist, there is no question that she is the former.

One of you was involved in an accident several years ago, and I knew I could not be there for you, but she could. I reached out, and she did not hesitate to help you, even though I worried it would bring back memories of one of those stones thrown at her. But she is one of those special people that you just know you can count on in times of need.

As someone who had served in the navy and worked as a police officer with the navy, I knew she had the experience to handle the situation better than even I could have. She calmed you and when we all assembled at a Cracker Barrel after all the dust was settled, we were finally able to relax.

She is a wonderful mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, and friend. Aunt El sent me a quote, which inspired me to write this story about the other Ellen in our family.

cactus negative quote