Not More Policies!

Kelly had mentioned seeing my post on some of my policies of life. I thought I would add a few more today just so you know how to remain on my good side. If you need your memory refreshed or did not read my original post with my first seven policies to live by, check here: Policies to Live By.

  1. No thank you, no gifts. As you all know, I have major issues with not receiving any acknowledgments from gifts I send. If it’s mailed, I want to at least be assured the gift was delivered. This is such an important policy to me that I wrote an entire post on this. Thank You Very Much
  2. No New Jersey during the winter. Winter, to me, is defined as December 20-ish to March 20-ish. I have had to break this policy several times (always Grandma-related trips), and always, I get rewarded by snow and ice which translates into many very scary driving episodes. That is why policy #9 exists.
  3. No golf below 50 degrees– It has taken me many years to enjoy playing golf, and still, I am not very good. (Although my tee-shots are not bad!) When I am thinking about how cold I am, then I am no longer having fun.
  4. Only 2 glasses of wine per day. This may seem shocking to all the wine lovers out there, and on those rare occasions when I am drinking that third glass, I am having fun at the moment. But I don’t enjoy feeling unsteady on my feet, and I particularly hate the fact that too much wine always wakes me up around 3 am. Thus, I have instituted this policy.
  5. Make the bed every day– I know you don’t all agree with this, but for me, I am uncomfortable when my bed is not made. On the days when I change the sheets, the room is untidy longer than I like until my sheets are “April or May (or whatever month it currently is)—fresh.” Besides, I have a pretty comforter, which I cannot admire if the bed is unmade.
  6. Hang up after 2 hellos if the number on the caller id is unknown– Dad does not follow this particular policy. He will continue to yell “hello, hello” many more times than I have the patience to do. Perhaps he is hoping it is someone asking him to do a survey, which you all know Dad just loves to do.
  7. Don’t talk during a movie shown in a theater. I know that I have been known to ask a question or two or three when watching television, but my rationale is that at home, the show can be paused or rewound. It does not affect anyone else. In the theaters, it is rude.

I don’t want to bore you anymore. That’s all folks.

Policies to Live By

You must know by now that I live my life by an ever-growing list of policies. I looked through my list and realized there are far too many for one posting—15 so far.

  1. No price, no buy. When I go shopping, if the price is not listed, I walk. Some people would disagree saying, “Why not just ask?” I respond, “How difficult is it to post the price and why should I have to seek out someone for the answer and then be stared down when I put the prize back because it’s too expensive?” Dad will confirm that it’s a rare occasion that I ever break this rule.
  2. No try, no buy. This refers to pants and shoes. I absolutely will not purchase these two items online, particularly the shoes. I hate shopping as it is, so I will not take the chance of “adding to my cart,” to only discover that the item just does not fit when it arrives at my doorstep. That would require further shopping that could have been prevented!
  3. Look for the elevator. I am not a fan of elevators because I have this secret worry (now it’s not so secret) that something mechanical behind the scenes will snap, and I will plummet to an untimely death. Once I step inside, I have lost control. What I can control is looking first to ensure the elevator has arrived at my floor. I have read stories about people stepping into nothing, and dying a horrible death, simply because they did not take the time to look. How long does a quick glance take?
  4. I will never wear corduroy pants again. Why, you ask? The answer is simple. They are noisy (so you cannot sneak up on someone) and they represent cold weather, which I hate. I was shocked when I discovered corduroy pants selling in the JC Penney store in San Juan. No, no, no! That was so wrong and I will never wear them again because I will never purchase them.
  5. Always do my hair and makeup every day. I learned that from Grandma, who reasoned that you just never know if the phone will ring with a request to go out with someone. Not being ready for that unexpected invitation can result in having to say no.
  6. Only one dessert per day. I admit that I have broken this rule, but not often. Some will question this policy because I do not have a weight problem. I answer by saying, “This is one reason I do not have a weight problem.” Also, I am interested in keeping my arteries soft, so I watch what I eat to stay healthy.
  7. Never leave before the end of a game or movie. Regarding the former, no matter how much my team is losing, I feel it is demoralizing for them to see their fans leave, which is why I stay. As for the movie, I really like to stay until the end of the credits. As you know, during Ferris Bueller, good stuff happened after the end. That is when I adopted that policy.

Well kids, that’s all for now. Stay tuned for more another time. What are your rules for living your lives?