Grandma Knew Best

Sometimes, as a parent, you do something that seems like a great idea at first, and then later, you wonder what you were thinking. Such was my decision to purchase an Advent calendar to decorate one of the walls in our old home.

I never photographed it, but I found a similar likeness at Pottery Barn.


As you may remember, it had twenty-five little pockets, each of which was intended to hold a small gift. So each of you were given eight days, and on your assigned date, the gift inside was yours. (I don’t recall who had the extra date. Perhaps it belonged to Kelly, who was born just four days prior to Christmas.)

It became clear to me quite soon after beginning this project what a stupid idea it was, because not only did I have to have presents for each of you to open on Christmas morning, but now I had to come up with twenty-five additional gifts + stocking stuffers.

Who remembers some of the gifts inside the calendar? I am thinking along the lines of Silly Putty, Play-Doh, crayons, and then candy. After a very few years of filling the little pockets, a different calendar appeared. I think Grandma may have found the replacement: the chocolate Advent Calendar. It makes sense that it was her, because we all know the she is a chocolate aficionado.


From that year on, I bought three, and each day, you all opened up your own candy calendar and feasted on a small piece of chocolate. But hey, what can I say! I was still winding my way through parenthood, while Grandma was a pro!