I Should Have Known

As I mentioned previously, as the day of the eclipse approached, I worried about a lot of things going wrong, but the biggest and most important concern I could not control. Despite the ever-changing forecasts all pointing towards at least a cloud cover, on the big day the sky was a brilliant blue with just a few cumulus clouds floating above.

It was not until today, when Dad was outside playing snake hunter with our neighbor Vincent (the viper was hiding in the bush near the hot tub, FYI), that I remembered that I had done something to guarantee perfect eclipse-viewing weather. How could I have forgotten that several weeks ago, I resurrected Grandma’s old Irish family tradition of hanging up the rosary beads outside?

In our family, the practice involved hanging them from a clothesline about a week or so before a wedding. As far as I know, the custom never failed, so I thought, why not? Having no clothesline in our yard, I improvised by using a palm tree, reasoning that my dearly-departed ancestors were flexible.

And as the saying goes, the rest is history.