That Alligator Dream

Although this is late in coming, I don’t want Easter passing without mentioning the alligator-dream Easter. Kelly reminded me of this when she was at our house on Easter Sunday, and then Casey told me that she had a discussion on FaceTime with Bryce about the incident.

One Easter, Jamie decided she was going to eat all the candy in her basket that day. I am not certain if we spent the day at our house or somebody else’s home, but I do recall that we were busy and no one was keeping an eye on Jamie, so she set out eating all the chocolate and jellybeans that were delivered by the Easter Bunny. She ignored the meat, potatoes, and veggies du jour.

That night she was rewarded by some frightening dreams which centered on alligators. (She probably saw a few on one of our Kiawah Island vacations!) She was not a happy camper the next day. I admit I don’t remember the details, but I imagine there was screaming during the middle of the night. I think she learned a lesson from that experience.

So both Kelly and Casey warned Bryce of the consequences of eating too much candy on Easter. I think it would be a good idea to remind him of this story on Halloween as well.