My Idea Was Stolen

I have been writing these stories since July 2015—272 in all—and while I never know what I will write one day to the next, something always happens to inspire me. Today it was a trip to the supermarket which set my creative juices flowing.

While Dad was trolling the cheese aisle, I looked up and saw Lunchables, which I packed for all of you (I think all three) to bring to school a few times. They were pricey for what you got—some crackers, meat, a drink, and some kind of dessert is one example. As I perused the selections, curious about how the selections had changed since you were young,  I saw choices which I don’t recall existing back in your day: chicken nuggets, nerds, and Capri Sun; mini burgers (cold), Capri Sun, and Reece’s Pieces; pancake and bacon dippers; deep dish pepperoni pizza (again, cold) Capri Sun, and Oreos.

Then I saw the inspiration, and grabbed my camera. Kraft stole my idea!


The three of you know I immediately thought of “The Big Plate,” which was born out of desperation when I just couldn’t get to the store. It consisted of a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I think you could call it “tapas for kids.” It may be a piece of meat, a couple of slices of bananas, and some cheese. Whatever I could scrounge up in the fridge. You all loved it, and now, so does Bryce.