I Am So Confused

Dad and I visited the Strom Thurmond Federal Building yesterday so that he could get a new social security card—among other things. The process of entering the building is not unlike the TSA experience when flying.

I emptied my pockets, handed over my driver’s license, and put my purse through the scanner. Having gone on over a dozen flights since my hip-replacement surgery last year, I was confident I would have no problems. Having just returned from a trip this week, I walked through the human scanning machine without mentioning my spare parts. This time, however, I lit up the machine (are you kidding me?), so I was instructed to step aside to be wanded. It was time to confess that I was a bionic woman. At that point, after raising my arms, and turning around several times,  the beeps were restricted to the surgical area, so I was permitted to go about my business.

The unsettling thing was the fact that I could board an airline with no problems, but I could not walk into a federal building without lighting up the machines. Perhaps after the Oklahoma City blast, security has been tightened—but why not on airlines?

I am so confused.