There Really is a Song for Every Topic

We have been hearing many news reports about the “Bridge-Gate Scandal” involving Governor Chris Christie. Did he or did he not know of the closure of the Fort Lee, New Jersey lanes leading to the upper deck of the George Washington Bridge which caused massive traffic jams? Only time will tell.

As I have been listening to these reports and reading the stories in the “Daily Record,” I can’t help but be reminded of an old song which Grandma used to sing to us. It was such a corny and, quite frankly, awful tune that I was convinced it was not professionally written. Did she write it or maybe one of her brothers, each of whom had a wacky sense of humor?

I told Dad about the song—“The George Washington Bridge Song—and was shocked that he also knew it from his childhood. In fact, after he told me that his mother used to sing it, I decided to do a little research and discovered that “The George Washington Bridge Song” is one of those “oldie but goodies” that many kids believed was written by their parents or grandparents. Sadly, I have been unable to determine its origin.

YouTube has several versions—one even sung by your favorite Sesame Street dynamic duo: Bert and Ernie.

This song just proves one of my theories which is that there truly is a song for every topic.

Listen to: George Washington Bridge Song