Grandma’s Sweet Treats

I have talked about the power of music saying that it “lifts us up when we are sad, calms our nerves, makes us laugh, and brings us to tears. Music is a time machine, transporting us back to another time by just the sounds of a few notes in a song.” (See The Power of Music)

Food is like that too. Canned tuna reminds me of meatless Fridays growing up, escargot reminds me of our cruises when you were little, and Salisbury steak reminds me of my dining hall in college, when I swore I would never partake of that sorry excuse for steak ever again.

I remember going to my grandmother’s house, where she would have a bowl of cellophane-wrapped butterscotch candies. That was her special treat.

As you all should remember, when you went to my mother’s house, Grandma would always have her little goodies—some form of chocolate—tucked away in the drawer underneath her oven. So with that in mind, I was telling Dad that I need to figure out what my Grandma special sweet delight will be, and where should they be kept?

When Bryce visits, he knows to go to my pantry where he usually goes “shopping.” Somedays he will appear with a box of crackers, pretzels, or maybe some mandarin oranges. But that is not what I have in mind. Like Grandma, my treat for the grandchildren should be some form of chocolate, such as M&M’s or York Peppermint Patties (those will, of course, be found in the freezer!).

What are your thoughts? This is important, because my choice of a guilty pleasure will forever define me to future generations.