Our Shreks— Not So Ay-Yay-Yay

For most of the world, Shrek is just a movie, but for our family, it is a very specific adjective meaning “does not live up to the hype.” The word was added to the family dictionary in 2001, joining other family favorites such as  “Ay-Yay-Yay” and “limling room.”

You all loved Shrek and glorified it as if it was a Barry Manilow or Steely Dan song. So Dad and I watched the movie waiting for the feelings of overwhelming joy and the desire to watch it again to hit us. Sadly, although we acknowledged that it was an enjoyable film, it did not measure up to the promotion.

From then on, whenever someone in the family recommended a film, a television show, a book, or  whatever , they would first preface the suggestion by saying, “it’s not a shrek,” meaning it is definitely worthwhile.

Jamie, the avocado tuna was definitely a shrek for me—sorry to say. (I did love your hoison-glazed salmon though.)  Being a grandma has absolutely not been a shrek, and the Chinese restaurant in Silver Springthe one which provided us with dinner and an unexpected show— was not a shrek either.

Have any of you been disappointed with any shreks lately?