The Etiquette of Crossing the Street- TBT

I tried to teach you as much as I could think of while you were growing up, but with three of you, I worry that I taught one of you something maybe twice, and then at least one of you, I missed out on an important piece of motherly wisdom.

Who learned how to sew on a button; who learned how to iron a shirt? I know, from a potentially disastrous observation, that neither Dad nor I taught Casey never to insert a knife into a toaster. Fortunately, we were there to witness her doing this and shrieked in warning.

It turns out that one of the newspapers I read growing up had an etiquette column. Maybe if you were exposed to this, I could have had time to teach you the dangers of placing metal objects in a toaster.

Here is one of my favorites, which explains the proper way for a man and a woman to cross the street together. Please look at the photo, and before reading the caption, choose which photo you believe represents the correct method: Should you grab your man’s arm or should he guide you with his elbow? It’s a difficult decision, I realize. Choose and then check out the answer.

Crossing Street Etiquette