The Preamble to I Do

We have now been through three engagements, with the most recent (and last) occurring this past weekend. Each engagement had a personality of its own just like the varying personalities of the characters involved.

The first happened over ten years ago. We were in town for something (was it a college visit for Casey?) when the happy couple made the announcement just prior to going out to dinner.

The setting was an off-campus apartment—I think. I must admit that this first engagement was a big surprise, although the bride and groom-to-be had been dating for over three years. I guess it was because it was my first engagement-of-a-child experience, so I was still not thinking that my first baby was growing up.  The years truly flew by so quickly.

Six years later, we learned of the upcoming second engagement as a result of a good old-fashioned telephone call to Dad by groom-to-be #2. He had called to ask for Jamie’s hand in marriage. It was so sweet.

We were sitting in the living room with bride and groom #1 when the telephone rang. After answering the call, Dad suddenly felt the need to close the door. Then he summoned me into his office. The sudden clandestine operation raised a few eyebrows, but we did not offer any confirmations of what was discussed.

Although the final engagement happened only four years after the second, it was definitely the longest in coming. As I loved to say, Casey and Chris had been together since the Bush #43 Administration.

Since this was their ten-year anniversary of something (when they met, or when they first went on a date?), I decided that if this date passed with no announcement, I was giving up—not on them, just the idea of a marriage ever happening. No one understands what took them so long. I guess they wanted  to be certain it was a match.

I knew Dad would never ever get a phone call from Chris asking for his permission to marry her, because that would cause Casey’s feminist head to explode. But let’s just say he did and Dad said no—just to be fun. That would cause a rumble of some very high number on the Richter scale.

Now we will wait to see just how long before they actually tie the knot and what kind of wedding they will have. Somehow, I think it will be unlike the first two weddings—in a field of sunflowers, at Harry Potter World, or perhaps at Kensington Palace.  (Yes, this is a wedding venue, albeit quite pricey.)

If only we could get Joe Biden to perform the ceremony. We all know that would be a dream come true.