During a period of four years, we moved three times. Each move resulted in eliminating more clutter from our homes.

It has now been nine years since we decluttered our lives and took up residency in another state. I realize that we still have a lot of unnecessary stuff which has not been touched in years, so I recently decided to pretend to move.

I have been going from room to room, opening up drawers and closets along with boxes in the attic, trying to determine which possessions can be tossed. Yesterday, I discovered a bag of plastic Disney figurines which belonged to Jamie. Since the next generation of our family is being slowly introduced to Belle, Ariel, and their other famous friends, I decided to share my discovery with the kids.

While Lily was happily playing with Belle and Ariel, I decided that background music was needed, so I pulled out my phone and turned on “Part of Your World.” Lily clearly recognized the tune from Little Mermaid, so she immediately grabbed my phone and stared at the video, mesmerized by what she was viewing.

The power of music transported me back to our home in New Jersey, where I was watching the three of you dancing to “Little Town” from Beauty and the Beast. Jamie and Kelly were singing “there must be more than this provincial life,” and later, Casey was belting out “I can show you the world, shining, shimmering splendid…” from Aladdin.

As Lily smiled through “Part of Your World,” I was taken back to that day on the beach where the three of you, along with Carly and Chris, met Sebastian the crab. Are you surprised to learn that those songs brought happy tears to my eyes?  Those were such sweet times!

When Bryce walked into the house, he was also attracted to the new toys and went over and grabbed one of them. Well, when Lily saw Bryce holding “her” new toys, she became enraged and a battle ensued.

Our beloved Disney characters never grow old. Incidentally, Happy Birthday Princess Casey!