It’s the Corky’s Truck

Dad and I checked out the new Kroger Marketplace on opening day, and I must say, it was definitely not a Shrek. It was the most impressive supermarket we have ever been to, and I was particularly excited by the wine and cheese department. I was going to finally treat myself to my first royalty-check bottle of wine, but I need to do some research first. If I am going to spend more than $10 on a bottle of the fruit of the vine, I want the purchase to be memorable.

When we got to one of the frozen-food compartments, I saw something which took me down memory lane to that Memphis vacation again—a box of Corky’s Ribs! I think Dad’s job in Memphis is when he first fell in love with barbecue (He may say it was at the Tunnel Barbecue in Windsor Ontario but let’s go with Corky’s for the sake of this story.)

When we all joined him at his hotel, he was eager to bring us to his new favorite restaurant, which I believe was conveniently located across the street from his hotel. I cannot deny that their ribs were delectable, and their barbecue turkey was tasty as well.

As you remember, we liked it so much that when his job in Memphis was done, we would periodically have Corky’s delivered to our house in New Jersey. It would be shipped FedEx, arriving packed in dry ice, and as kids, you not only had a meal to eat but the ice to entertain yourselves.

I am not certain who first came up with the idea of renaming the FedEx truck, but whenever a shipment of Corky’s would arrive, you would shout out, “It’s the Corky’s truck.” To this day, when I get a delivery from that truck with the familiar arrow, I think first of those ribs from Tennessee. I guess we will have to try them again someday and see if we still feel the same.