An Intriguing Woman- Wow #3

The trip to London in 2014 is where I met two of the most fascinating people on my ever-growing list of “Wow People I Have Met.” I knew about the possibility of meeting one man in particular, but the woman I am writing about today was the big surprise of the trip. She was the woman from New Zealand whose blog I had been reading for some time because she had traveled on the Trans-Siberian Railway like Grandpa had done over eighty years ago.

I was following her as she traveled through China, Russia, Turkey and Iraq. Shortly before Christmas she wrote that she was signing off as she headed off to Iran for a month. When I turned the page on the calendar to February and realized she was still off the grid, I began to wonder if she was okay.

March came and still no word for her, and then Dad and I left on our trip. On Saturday morning I opened up my email and learned where my friend “Bumblebee” went after Iran.

This is just a quickee but I am in London and will be all March, at least until the 24th anyway.

Let me know if you would like to catch up!

 Oh my goodness! I was stunned. Never did I imagine that I would meet this stranger from the other side of the world who so kindly spent time in Russia taking photographs for me.

We decided to meet outside my hotel on our last night in London. As I said in my story,The Stars Were Aligned in London, “Never in a million years did I ever believe I would be able to convey my gratitude to Bumblebee in person.”

We spent the day together, beginning with lunch, followed by a walk along the Thames. She told me about her travels since Iran as well as explaining her decision to quit her job and meander around Europe and Asia. I was in no hurry to end the day, so we stopped for coffee and then ended the day with dinner at a Chinese restaurant near our hotel.

Since then, we have kept in touch via Facebook and email. She spent time in London working at a bank and house sitting, which was such a clever way to find a place to live. I know she was in the Balkans and Sri Lanka in 2015, where I believe she helped out with the refugee crisis which I could only read about here. Now she is living and working in Sarajevo.

This is certainly not the life I would choose, but there is a part of me that is jealous of what she is doing, who she is meeting, and the places she is seeing. I have never met a woman like Bumblebee. I guess she will be my eyes to the world.