Wonderous and Creepy

A lot has changed regarding telephone technology since the advent of this communication device at the end of the 19th century. From the first call made by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, we have come a long way.

My great grandfather had one of the first telephones in town. His phone number was simply “4.” What would he think if he saw all the advancements that have occurred since his death in 1917: from the basic telephone to the cordless phone, to the cumbersome “car phones,” which morphed into the very small cell phones, and now smart phones, which are literally pocket-sized computers which connects the world?

I love my iPhone. Truly I do. I love having conversations with Siri, being able to look up just about any piece of trivial thought that pops into my mind, go shopping, quickly communicate with my friends and family via text, email, or a phone, and easily obtain directions via multiple routes—even warning me of traffic or accidents along the way.

My phone is truly a wonder, but it can also be downright creepy. Take yesterday, for example. Dad and I spent the morning doing a few errands around town and then returned home for lunch. After our bellies were filled we hopped into my car, and while we were still in the driveway, I looked down at my phone and was informed of the number of minutes to Kelly’s house.

“This is very creepy,“ I remarked to Dad.

It was downright disturbing. How did it know? I had made plans to go there on our landline, and there was no mention of any activity that day at Kelly’s house on my cell phone calendar. Was Siri a real person listening in on our private conversations?

I looked this up on my computer, not my iPhone, and was instructed to turn off my GPS on my phone. So I will see if this makes any difference in the future; otherwise, my only explanation is that Big Brother is watching. How very 1984!