Sisters- Part II

I feel I am an expert on sisters since I was one of three and then became a mother of three sisters. Girls bring drama to the family, but I am learning that boys are fearless, daring, and full of much more energy. I admit, though, I know sisterhood from the perspective of the oldest. I probably made some of my mistakes because of not understanding birth order personalities. So I researched it and today and concentrated on the youngest.

What I found in my research was so true. I was not as nervous with you, Casey, and I babied you longer. A conversation from the movie Parenthood says it all: We were tense with the first.  If he got a scratch, we were hysterical. By the third, we let him juggle knives.

According to Parents Magazine, the youngest child shoulders less responsibility, so they tend to be more carefree, easygoing, fun-loving, affectionate, and sociable. That’s you for sure, and the fact that I was cutting up your food until you left for college—or so it seemed to your sisters— was because it was so difficult to let go of the baby. Ask Aunt Val.

The three of you played together, fought together, shopped together, and ignored each other at times. Casey, I know you got upset when you had to go to bed earlier, so you contrived tricks to come downstairs and be part of the action. But in the end, I believe you loved each other and still do. I have it in writing.

Sisters Poem

And even though you have always been the little princess of the family, I hope you agree with the sentiment I found on a plaque at a store in town.

Being a Sister