I’m Back with a Surprise

I have been quiet for several months because I have been a busy bee. I have been working on the election (writing postcards, posting informative messages to Twitter and Facebook, researching candidates, and taking a class on working on the Voter Protection Hotline) as well as planning weekly lessons with my four-year-old granddaughter. We are learning to speak Spanish and to sign—both of which have been on my bucket list. Hola, mucho gusto, gracias!


Although we had a brief period of allowing our grandchildren to visit us at our home, we backed off several weeks ago due to our decision to isolate ourselves for the upcoming arrival of our newest grandchild. We did not want to take any chances of not being allowed to visit her.

Looking back on my infrequent posts this year, I realized I never announced the impending expansion of my family tree. I guess I did not anticipate a break in writing for so many months.

It has not been a typical pregnancy. The visits to the doctor were sometimes virtual, which was not comforting to both Mother and Grandma. The shower was via Zoom and the shopping trips to choose the baby furniture were stressful, but at least it was easy to keep those pesky sales people at a distance. Not to be able to visit my pregnant baby was sad, but now the excitement is reaching its peak.

After months of waiting, the time is finally here. Mommy-to-be checked into the hospital last night—6 days before her due date because the baby is predicted to be a bit on the large side. We have been getting text updates and had one telephone call so far today. Bampa mentioned that his traditional meal-in-waiting was always a BLT sandwich. What will be the meal of choice for our family’s newest father?

I can’t wait to see them all as well as my mom. We have not been together since November because of the virus. I look forward to seeing how Jamie morphs from teacher to mother. Will she be a typical first-time-mother and boil each item before the baby touches it, or will she be more like a laid-back veteran mom and teach her daughter how to juggle knives? After all, the new dad is very skilled at juggling the tennis balls I sent her in case she experiences back labor.

In any case, I lost the baby shower guess-the-date contest. My date was October 16. The winner looks like it will be the God-grandmother/great aunt. I don’t know if the Godmother of the mother is the God-grandmother, but this is my story, so I get to choose!

I hope to get the call announcing the arrival of baby ____ (I am not announcing her name!) before dinner time today. Then I will be able to raise my glass in a toast.

It is time for some happy news for a change!

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