South Carolina Bravery Medal

We rarely had birthday parties outside the house, so I tried to be as creative as possible with my home-based celebrations. There was the tea party during which Dad and I dressed up as the maid and butler, the diner-themed Fifties party, the “make your own gingerbread house party,” and the more traditional parties, where we played games like pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs.

I totally understand not hosting a birthday party at home, because someone else does the cleanup and there is no danger of anything getting broken. Never having been the parent of any boys, I am in agreement with this arrangement. With that in mind, I must say that there is a lot of braveness in allowing a soon-to-be seven year old to be having a sleepover at home. As you recall, the only time we had a birthday sleepover party, it was done at Embassy Suites.

Four boys is a good number, but don’t expect any sleeping to be done at this sleepover. They will be excited, and I will not be surprised if this is the first sleepover party for any of them. May I suggest hiring a hypnotist as your entertainment?

I am working on the cake, which will be five little boys sleeping atop a chocolate cake. Here is the plan which I found on Pintrest. I hope I can do it justice.



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