Let the Races Begin

Dad had no brothers or sons, so he has been enjoying engaging in activities he did do at his home as a boy or in our home as the father of three girls. I am loving watching my big and little boy playing games, building a car, and most recently, building a track to race golf balls down the side of our yard.

We all know about Bryce’s love of building marble tracks for the purpose of racing them. He is obsessed with watching videos on YouTube of others racing marbles, and he would like to upload his own races.

So I was not surprised to see the two of them discussing how and where they would build the track in our yard. They went outside and surveyed the property and decided on the location, and then just waited for a day without rain and for the temperature to rise. Their enthusiasm was adorable.

The weather on Tuesday, our typical day of the week for a playdate, was sufficiently warm enough for a January day and the sun was peeking through the clouds on and off after lunch. I stayed inside for hot chocolate and tea while the boys got to work.

They used my small gardening shovel to dig the trench and Dad pulled out an old pair of sneakers with heavily worn soles to stomp on the track until it was smooth. Then they began sending the golf balls sailing down the track and observing where it got hung up. Then they repeated the process: dig, smooth, and test until enough track was done to begin the races.

Next, the rest of us were summoned outside and given a ball to choose. The races began, which included lots of jumping up and down and cheering, particularly on Lily’s part.

The track is not complete, so weather permitting, the boys will be back at work this weekend. Then it will be time to build the text raceway.



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