I want to add another example of how imaginative children can be.  This time I want to discuss my observations of the creativity of an almost seven-year-old boy.

He was over for his weekly playdate, and rather than playing a rousing game of Uno, Bryce decided he wanted to play mini golf. The fact that we do not have our own personal miniature golf course at home was not a problem. “I am going to make it myself.” I sat back and watched.

He walked around the living room looking at what he could use to construct ramps, barriers, and holes. We didn’t have a lot of time, so I figured perhaps he might be able to do nine. I was wrong. In a short period of time he made a full eighteen hole course, which wound it way from my living room to the kitchen and out to the screened porch. I allowed him a lot of freedom but put my foot down when he tried to put a hole on top of my end table. I could just picture the lamp crashing down on the floor, particularly because we were using real golf balls, not the more gentle practice balls.

When the course was complete, Dad, Bryce, and I grabbed our putters and began the game. We lined up our balls on each holes, took careful aim, and moved throughout the course, keeping careful count of each stroke.

We had a lot of fun. I came in last!


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