The Right Attitude

As a grandmother, I have much more time to observe the children in the family than I once did as a harried mother. I am constantly amazed by their imagination, which just shows that a lot of expensive electronic gadgets is not always the answer to boredom. They can devise their own entertainment.

The activities during this past Tuesday’s playdate showcase two prime examples. I know now that when Lily is visiting I should never make my bed because that is a fun activity for her—and not just the basics of arranging the sheets, blankets, and pillows. Her latest game involves making a mountain of all my pillows and shams, climbing to the top of that mountain with “the girls” (aka Miss Ruth and Raggedy Ann), and then having me push her and the dolls to the floor, with the object being trying to catch one of the dolls before they hit the rug. She calls it “fall down kids.”

Lily loves “the girls,” and I have been working on explaining who they are, particularly Miss Ruth. I have told her that Miss Ruth is a real, very important person, and her job is to make sure all the rules in the country are working correctly. For now, I think that’s enough for a four year old to know. Lily knows she is special, so on Tuesday, we worked on the second activity, which was to make a necklace for Miss Ruth to wear. Each month we will make another one.

Today is Lily’s birthday, and I know she will be excited to bring in her birthday treats to her class: mini cupcakes and applesauce, which were her idea. I guess she is like me in that I loved eating applesauce with everything. I can just picture that big smile now which almost always graces her little face.

“What makes you happy?” I asked her.

“Everything!” she responded.

I sure hope she does not lose that cheary attitude. Happy Birthday Miss Lily!!

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