What Will We Do?

Climate change has been center stage lately. From marches around our nation to the attention around young climate activist Greta Thunberg and the wildfires in California to Australia. This is an issue that is not going away and deserves our attention.

It is not going unnoticed where I live. When I went outside today, I looked around my yard and saw the evidence of the warming pattern. My encore azaleas are again beginning to bloom as is my loquat tree in front of my porch.


Even my daffodils are beginning to push through the dirt. This should not be occurring during the first week in January. It is happening earlier each year.

Saturday’s forecast calls for temperatures in the mid to upper seventies, which is what I erroneously expected when I moved here over eleven years ago. I know the children are yearning for enough snow to ride a sled and build a snowman, but that will happen only if they head for the hills.

Not only is this occurring where I currently live, I have read that my state of birth, New Jersey, is warming at an even faster pace than any other state in the union. Since 1988, the Garden State has warmed at an average monthly temperature of 2.19 degrees, compared with 1.6 degrees in every other state.

It is time to act now. I do not ever recall seeing temperatures over sixty degrees during the month of January when I was a resident in New Jersey, which is the forecast for this weekend.

I am worried. We should all be worried. Why doesn’t every person on the planet see the problem?

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