What a Nice Surprise!

I would like to clarify and follow up on my March 22 post, “Pay Attention,” which described the trouble I had after losing my driver’s license during a recent flight to New Jersey. The last paragraph mentioned that my license arrived three days after I returned home, which was not intended to mean the original license, but instead, my replacement license.

Before I left to return home, my sister bet me one dollar that within a year, I would receive the lost license in the mail. She was confident that a Good Samaritan would return it to me. I took the bet, and I am happy to report that I lost that bet.

One week after leaving New Jersey, I received an envelope in the mail with the return address of an unknown sender containing nothing but my lost driver’s license. On the inside flap was a brief note stating, “I found it in the airport,” followed by a telephone number.

The name was illegible, so I tried locating the sender by address, but alas, the address is that of an apartment, so there is no tax records pointing to the owner of a residence. I only know that their first name begins with a “J.” So that night, I sent a text to “J”, thanking him/her for returning my license and stating that his/her action showed that there are still some very nice people in the world.

We “chatted” for a few minutes, and not knowing where the loss had occurred, I asked “J” where my license had been found. I was informed that it was discovered at Newark Airport, Terminal A, which told me that it must have happened after I left the plane and was probably on my phone looking for the details regarding my car rental. My license had been left in the same pocket as my cell phone.

Apparently, “J” works at the airport, and he/she told me that he/she got what he/she wanted, which was to hear back from me and know that I was happy. When I responded that “J’s action made my day, he/she said, “Win the Powerball and give me a dollar.” I agreed that we would meet somewhere, in disguise, for the transfer of the cash.

I am rarely so happy by a mail delivery. Thank you mystery worker at Newark Airport.



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