To be Three Again!

It is now less than five weeks until our last family wedding, and as the mother of the bride, I feel like I need to have a new outfit for this momentous occasion. I am confident that wearing my favorite jeans will reseult in a few bad comments and shocked looks.

Hanging in my closet is my backup ensemble, which is a cute little jumpsuit that I recently purchased on a whim, not knowing until that moment that they had made a comeback. A jumpsuit had not been part of my wardrobe since 1992, but because of the inherent problem when going to the little girl’s room, I have not removed the tags.

If only I had a trunk of dress-up clothes like Lily does, I would be all set. While she was visiting me the other day, I asked her if she and mommy were going shopping to get a new dress for her aunt’s wedding. She paused a minute and then told me that she did not need to go shopping since she was planning to wear one of the dresses  she had received for her birthday. “I think I will wear my Elsa dress from Frozen.”

Knowing that the bride is a Disney fan, I thought she would love this idea. She told me a blonde braid would be needed, and I assured her that, of course, the Elsa outfit came with both the braid and the blue gloves.

Oh, to be a three-year old!

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