The Promise to our MIAs

I recently attended a showing of the film, “A Solemn Promise: Missing in Action,” in a theatre that was filled with Vietnam Vets. This was the story of the ongoing search for the missing and unaccounted men and women who served in our wars beginning with World War II.

We all learned that there are over 83,000 individuals still missing in action. Our country is the only nation that has made this vow to never stop searching for its MIAs. Now with the help of DNA, identification of remains has improved greatly over the years.

A submerged plane was located after a fishing boat’s nets became tangled in the aircraft. All the soldiers were rescued along with a dog. Remains from a mass-burial gravesite in the Phillipines are being identified as well as at battlegrounds in Vietnam.

At the conclusion of the film, a question and answer session showed how raw the feelings of these vets still is so many years after the end of the Vietnam War. One veteran cried as he expressed his thanks and relief in learning that his missing friends have not been forgotten.

I only learned of this recently from a friend whose DNA is being used to help identify a missing relative. It was a very emotional and gratifying evening. I wonder how many Americans do not know of these extraordinary efforts to help bring closure to the families of those Missing-in-Action, but not forgotten, men and woman.

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