Anything Goes Nowadays!

Growing up in New Jersey, October 30 was more than just the day before Halloween. It was called Mischief Night, and apparently it still is, but according to my research, I learned that it is primarily a New Jersey tradition. Inhabitants of Kansas, Utah, and North Dakota would fail the Jeopardy question: What holiday involves toilet paper, eggs, and shaving cream?

I recall going out with my friend, Karen, and wandering the streets near my house armed with toilet paper to decorate the trees and bushes. Looking back on this now, I cannot imagine why my parents would have allowed me to do this—both because of the minor vandalism involved, and more importantly, the fact that they would permit us to do this at all. I did not allow any of you to do this, did I? What were they thinking?

I could go on, and I was planning to discuss the history of this night, but then we turned on the television and saw an extremely unsettling commercial. It involved a man and woman discussing bowel movements! Not the code-name “number 2”, but bowel movements! Take a moment to think about that. This was more than just a casual conversation between friends. It came with the visuals of them sitting on the toilet.

What has this world come to, I ask? Is nothing in this world sacred anymore?

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