Wearing Orange for the Cause

Okay, kids, it’s time for another event at the Statehouse for mommy and a few friends. In case you haven’t heard, it’s Wear Orange Weekend in honor of Gun Violence Awareness Day.

Orange is the color which was chosen to honor a fifteen-year-old girl, Hadiya Pendleton, who was shot and killed one week after performing at President Obama’s second inauguration. Events are happening in cities and towns across the country to raise awareness of people killed by guns–whether by suicide, murder, or by accident.

Although I have decided to concentrate my activism on helping common sense gun laws to be enacted and to register voters, I had to think long and hard about attending this particular event. The problem for me was twofold: Saturday is now committed to t-ball, and as we all know, orange is the color of our arch rival—Clemson.

After careful consideration, I knew I had to go. Strengthening gun laws is important since we will be having three people in our family in three different schools this year. I now dream of a world where I no longer worry about getting shot when I go to the movies, a concert, or a walk down the street. Will those days ever return, or is that a thing of the past like black and white televisions, rotary telephones, and silent movies?

For those of us living in the South, we are aware that it is common to have friends who have guns in their home. I worry that no one is stupid enough to have their weapons unsecured, particularly when children are present.

I have reasoned that I am not going to the t-ball game because I want to be involved in a cause to make our lives safer, so that has to be my priority this weekend. However, intentionally wearing orange was a tough decision, especially since I had to spend money to purchase a shirt in that evil color. So Dad and I went to a store that sold Clemson gear so that I could choose a shade of orange that could never, ever be confused with Clemson orange.

This is one time I hope to be surrounded by a sea of orange.



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