Maybe It’s Not So Bad

I thought I hated to shop, but I am now considering that I may just hate to shop when the pickings are slim. I had this revelation this past week when Dad and I took a field trip to Charlotte. My IPhone battery arrived, and the nearest Apple store is seventy miles north of here in North Carolina. I decided to take the opportunity to do some scouting for dresses to wear to our next family wedding.

Although I love where I live, there are very few stores near our house where I have much luck shopping for clothes. I frequently leave my shopping excursions frustrated and with little or nothing to show for my time.

The mall in Charlotte is beautiful, and I found myself actually smiling as we wandered down the unsoiled “streets” of the shopping center. We passed multiple coffee/tea chops, the Disney Store, a Lego Store, an Apple and a Microsoft Store, and one of my favorite places to organize my life—The Container Store. These are fun places to shop.

I did some wedding-dress research and purchased a dress for myself, which I may or not wear for the big day depending on the opinions of the womenfolk of the family.

I believed that I was having a relaxing, politic-free day. That ended when I nearly grabbed a dress off a rack in Dillard’s. Can you guess the rest? Dillard’s is arranged by designer, and there, on top of an array of pale pink dresses, I spotted a name which caused me to literally recoil in horror when the name “Ivanka Trump” jumped out at me.

“No way,” I told Dad. As much as I enjoyed the deal I got on the dress at Macy’s, I informed him that I would not consider one of those dresses even if they were giving them away. Dad added, “Even if you were being paid for it,” and I completely agreed.

Despite the little political intrusion, I left the mall in a good mood. Perhaps we just need to take a few more road trips when I need some new clothes. Maybe I don’t necessarily hate shopping as much as I thought. We’ll see. Kelly is skeptical.



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