One Year Later

Happy Hipaversary to me! Can you believe it is the one-year anniversary of my hip-replacement surgery? On this day last year, I was being wheeled into the operating room to be surgerically operated on with tools resembling those purchased at Lowes—and perhaps they were. I was so worried that when I would be knocked unconscious, I would never awaken again. My fears were similar to many going under the knife, and clearly, since I am writing these thoughts, I am a survivor.

While my four-inch scar is still a reminder of that day, I am happy to report that it is fading more and more each day. The pain is little to occasionally minimal, and I no longer fear going on long walks. Sometimes I am even told I am walking too fast. I can now squat, kneel, and get up from the floor with little effort beyond a slight push from the floor, so I feel that the operation was a success.

When going through security at the airports or in buildings with metal detectors, no one knows my secret because my bionic parts raise no alarms.

I often wonder why this happened to me. Having an aunt and a first cousin who beat me to the knife raises the possibility that my arthritic hip is a result of imperfect genes, or could it have been caused by my late-life decision to join a traveling tennis team? I will probably never know, but my children should be warned of the prospect that such a procedure could one day happen to them.

The one thing I avoided doing, but am now seriously entertaining the idea of doing, is to finally watch the YouTube video of the operation. The big question is: should I do it before or after I eat?


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