It Was a True Miracle

Being a parent is an enormous responsibility. From the moment that tiny little treasure is born, he or she is dependent on you for their entire existence, and it is your job to care for them and prepare for them to one day leave the nest. Among the vital skills that Dad and I taught you was how to walk, talk, use a toilet, drink from a glass, eat with a fork and use a knife.

I wrote on this subject two years ago (Just Make Your Bed) when I spoke of several skills I omitted teaching each of you,  such as how to sew on a button, how to hang a picture, and how to balance a check book. (Do any of you actually do that final item?)

When learning how to drive, did I ever impress on each of you the importance of never leaving anything on the roof of your car? I was reminded of this recently after I received a call from a neighbor who informed me that someone had found my library book on the street about ¾ mile from our house.

Like the pizza I had also left on the roof of my car many years ago, I had repeated history—this time with a book. It is amazing that the book almost made the seven mile trip home before ultimately landing on the ground. That is a true miracle.

Sadly, this little error may cost me the price of the book, because when I finally retrieved the book from the neighbor who had found it, it was slightly damp, and the pages were quite wrinkled. I tried placing the book under a heavy object as well as resorting to my hardly-used iron, but alas, the book does not look so Ay-Yay-Yay. I swear I will never do that again! It’s just not a good idea.


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