The Worries of a Child

Do you recall what worried you when you were five?  I recently engaged in a conversation with newly-turned-five Bryce while we were in the car, and he shared his fears with me. They were both cute and sad. I hated that his thoughts are not just about his day at school, his recent trip to the golf course with his dad, or perhaps a new show he discovered on television.

“Grandma, I’m worried that a big building or a tree might fall on my house,” he told me as we were on our way out to lunch. Where and why did this feeling originate? Was it a conversation with a friend or an episode from one of his favorite shows—PJ Mask? I tried to assure him that those particular fears were unfounded.

I know that he was afraid when we watched the Polar Express two years ago, so I know he is not ready for the Wizard of Oz. Thank goodness he is not aware of what is happening on the news these days, or he may be fearful of going to school. Isn’t that an awful thought?

At what age are children aware of the dangers of going to school? I would like the kindergarten teacher in our family to weigh in on this topic. When you have lock-down drills, what do your students know and have they ever expressed any fear?

I long for the days when the only fear related to school was the scary punishment of a teacher.

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