He Didn’t Look Dead

When I heard the Beatles song “Strawberry Fields” playing on the radio recently, I was once again in my music time machine, now en route to the kitchen of a family I was babysitting for. It was the autumn of 1969, which was the year that the rumors of Paul McCartney’s death spread like wildfire throughout the world.

That particular evening, I recall putting the children to bed and then hanging out in the kitchen as I listened to a local radio show laying out all the clues and timeline of Paul’s demise, which allegedly occurred three years previously as a result of an automobile accident.

Among the “proof” was the fact that the cover of the “Abbey Road” album was supposed to depict a funeral procession, and it was pointed out that Paul was the only one without shoes. Also, he was walking out of step with the other three Beatles, which was another subtle indicator that he was dead.

During the ending of “Strawberry Fields,” if you listen very carefully, you can hear the words “I buried Paul.” On the song “Revolution 9,”when a line is played backwards, it sounded as if someone was saying “turn me on dead man.”

The clues went on and on, and the story was that the Beatles  had replaced Paul with a look-at-like after his untimely death. Record sales for the several of the albums in question increased but eventually, the rumors died.

I saw Paul a few years ago, and I must say that he looked and sounded quite healthy. But I will always remember where I was the night WABC radio analyzed the clues of the death of Paul McCartney. For all of my contemporaries reading this, what do you remember?


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