The Entertainers

You come from a long line of entertainers. There was my grandmother’s great uncle Jack Blue, who was quite a famous dance instructor during the 30’s. He taught celebrities such as Katharine Hepburn, Bing Crosby, and Buddy Ebsen. Although I know those are probably unfamiliar names to all of you, trust me, those three were all very famous.

Several other members of our family entertained locally—including Grandma and Aunt Marian who loved to dance in church shows and at the local VA hospital.

So when the three of you were young, it was not surprising to watch you follow in their footsteps as you sang and danced to the tunes of The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.

Now we have a new generation to follow, and today Bryce gave his first performance at his “My Gym” camp. I have seen him perform his routine at home, but I was quite impressed to hear that he volunteered to do so for his new friends on the first day with them.

Apparently he is a fan of the movie Sing, and he absolutely loves to sing and play his little piano to the Elton John song “I’m Still Standing.” He especially likes to do a glissando.  That’s when you slide your fingers from the bottom to the to on the piano.

I am sorry I was not a fly on the wall of that gym because I hear that the instructor found the song and flashed the lights while he performed. I can’t wait for Lily to join his dance troupe.


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