The Catalog is Dead

Years ago, there were three things which announced the onset of the Christmas season: Decorations in stores, holiday music on the radio and television, and the arrival of the JC Penney Christmas catalog. Before the visit to Santa, each of you had assembled your list so you knew just what to tell the jolly old elf to bring you on Christmas Eve.

Now technology, and probably the economics of printing and mailing the catalogs, has made these highly-anticipated mailings another relic of the past. I sent a tweet to Ask JCPenney (@askjcp), where I was told, “We no longer issue the large paper catalogs.” I was then directed to their website.

How sad! No longer can our children peruse the “Big Book” and circle all the items which strike their fancy. I pointed out, in my return tweet, that “not all young children can sit at a computer and do this. Not all progress is good.”

How do the children born in an era without that infamous catalog create their Santa wish lists?


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