They’re Back in Style

I was taking out my Christmas decorations today when I came across an interesting family heirloom. Don’t get excited, girls. My find is nothing that will sell for lots of money. In fact, probably no one will want it except for me.

What I located in my dining room was a pair of baby shoes that Grandma had bronzed. Odd, right? Apparently, it was the thing to do at one time and has come back into fashion. People like Grandma would send in their baby’s first shoes and they would be retuned all nice and shiny after having been dipped in bronze.

So Kelly, pull out the kids baby shoes and hurry, hurry, hurry before the company goes out of business or you change your mind. Then someday, you can come to your children’s homes and maybe locate their bronze shoes tucked away somewhere.

Trust me, your kids will want this keepsake of their youth. You know how much I cherish mine, based upon how often I talk about them—Never!

I guess I am not sentimental about everything!

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