Secrets and Surprises

I wish to pat myself on the back for raising you all to be very adept at being sneaky and secretive, which was proven for the second time this past weekend. Although I am uncertain when the plotting began, I do wish to acknowledge that even the four-year old of the family has been trained in the art of duplicity.

For Bryce, it began when he announced that the car needed to be cleaned—“While I am at school.” That did not happen. Kelly handed him a bag and had him clean it himself. (Good job Mommy for not bowing to the demands of a child!)

They did not have a functioning dustbuster, so Bryce asked to borrow ours when they came to the house to get some basil for soup they were making for us that day.

I should mention that we have not had dinner with them for quite some time, but suddenly Kelly was very insistent on having dinner with us this week. So on Thursday Bryce stormed into the house after school and was quite excited for both of us to come outside to witness the results of his cleaning. “You will be so impressed,” he told us.

We were not suspicious of any funny business going on, so we headed for the car and were shocked when Jamie and Geoff popped up from inside the car. Dad and I were truly both surprised but more impressed that Bryce could keep a secret than clean a car.

We also felt so fortunate to have seen both our distant daughters two weekends in a row.

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