Special Squeezes

We all know the family secret handshake—4 squeezes, 3 squeezes, 2 squeezes, and finally a really hard single squeeze— but I don’t know how it originated. Grandma taught it to all of us when we were young, and all five of us taught it to our spouses and our children.

About two years ago, I asked two of my cousins if they were familiar with the handshake, and one knew it while the other did not. Today, I posed the question to cousins representing the children of Grandma’s four brothers. None were familiar with it, so I have concluded that it must have been a thing between sisters.

At what point in a relationship do we all feel secure enough to share the secret with that special person in our lives? It is very special and should not be taken lightly.

Do you love me?

Yes I do.

How much?

(The final two squeezes is followed by a very tight squeeze which shows the depth of your love.)



I hope you all continue the tradition.

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