Unexpected Detour- Dare You Ask Where?

This past week we went on a family vacation, and on our return home, we had some car trouble, which resulted in a detour to the city of Roanoke, Virginia. Most of my visits to the “Virginia is for Lovers” state have been while en route to someplace else—except for the time we visited my friend Mitzie while traveling to Memphis.

Anyway, Dad and I suddenly found ourselves dining in a Mexican restaurant in Roanoke while we waited for the gentlemen in the Subaru service department to have their lunch. Recalling my history classes, I thought we could take this opportunity to check out the Lost Colony of Roanoke. Perhaps there would be updates on whatever happened to poor little Virginia Dare.

Thanks to my good friend Google, I sadly learned that that famous colony was located 350 miles southeast of that Mexican Restaurant where Dad and I were having an impromptu lunch. The Lost Colony of Roanoke is in North Carolina, not in Virginia. I guess I was not paying attention in class.

Now I am ready to answer a question on that topic the next time I play trivia. It’s time for a road trip to North Carolina!


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