Happy Anniversary to Me

Can you all believe that it has been one year since the publication of my book? Now that it is done after so many, many years of writing and researching it, I am wondering if you thought I would ever complete it.

What are your opinions about the story—not the quality but what you learned about Grandpa and the rest of his family? Did it explain anything about the way he acted knowing now what you do about his life, and did it alter your opinions of him?

For me, it certainly explained why he did not want to go on that family cruise and why he never hesitated to pick up the phone and call anyone—even Uncle Mart in the middle of a job interview. It makes me understand why I never knew his politics until he was much older.

Thank you for taking the time to give me suggestions on how to improve the book during the writing process and to read it in its entirty once it was done— even though you had read it in pieces over and over so many times.

What are your thoughts about me trying to write another book? Do you have what it takes to go through the process of listening to me discuss it once more, and do you have any thoughts on what you would like me to write about this time? I have thought about turning Mommymeanderings into a book about stories of the Baby Boomer Generation. Although it’s just a thought, I am considering this as an option.

But back to my book. As someone who you all know loves competitions I can play by myself, beginning on Thursday, May 25 and continuing until June 4, I will be doing my second Goodreads Giveaway for people in the US, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. I targeted those countries based upon where I know this blog is being read and where I have friends. (I’m so worldly!)

As someone who loves competitions with myself as exemplified by my license plate game, I am turning this into another game. (See Mock Me if  You Must for Details) The goal is to beat the number of entrants to my other Giveaway of 961 people.

Game on!


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