The Time is Almost Here

In just a few days I am undergoing my hip replacement surgery.  I have been feeling quite anxious. I joined two Facebook hip replacement support groups, and reading the experiences of others who have already undergone the surgery has been helpful. I went to the group as an observer and posted nothing until Sunday, after learning of the tragic death of Bill Paxton from “complications due to surgery.” That did it, so I expressed my fears to one of the groups.

 I have been very worried about my upcoming surgery on March 6. My first worry is silly I know. I fear that I will not wake up and I have concerns about the epidural (3 children, all without it). Then today I hear of the tragic death of Bill Paxton. I feel sad for him and his family, and selfishly, think that this confirms my worst fears. Breathe in, breathe out. I need to calm down.

 The responses were great, and in some cases, quite amusing. First it was pointed out that he was having heart surgery, which I already knew since I immediately turned to Google to learn what type of surgery Paxton had. Someone else threw out a lot of statistics, which as a math person, were helpful.

Deaths from hip replacement surgery were almost cut in half during an eight-year period in England and Wales, according to a new study published recently in The Lancet. The study authors report the drop is mainly due to four factors – the way the surgery is performed, choice of anesthesia and two methods of preventing blood clots – all of which are used in the United States, too. The percentage is 0.4 deaths out of 400,000

 So many of the respondents had the same worries as me. Then a women chimed in with two comments which could have come from me.

I was scared to death of being put under. I literally prepared everything and everyone for my death! Six major surgeries since and I’m a lot more at ease. I still make those phone calls to my daughter to remind her of where all the important papers are and clean my house. Because God forbid I die and everyone judges me because the carpet wasn’t vacuumed.

 Yes, yes, yes! I have been doing a lot more cleaning than usual. I know someone will come to the house for physical therapy, and I may have some visitors. Poor Dad. I am getting the house in shape, and he must keep it up to my standards.  I told that woman about a conversation I had with Casey on Sunday.

You sound like me. I write a blog, and I just reminded my daughter of a category called Eulogy/Funeral– just in case. I could hear her eyes rolling from her home in Maryland to mine in South Carolina. Plus, I do feel the need to clean, just in case!

 When I saw her response, I thought, “Hurray! I am not the only one with a funeral playlist! (See Roll Your Eyes and Snicker.)

My daughter says, “I KNOW MOM!!” but I make her listen anyway. My friends all have the task of what music to play at my funeral! Ha ha and what is really wrong with making sure my family has clean sheets on the bed when they arrive to attend my funeral??

I feel better. I know I am being a drama queen, but you know, isn’t it finally my time to be elevated to this level of royalty? I have spent years being a mother of girls who have, on occasion, been dramatic. Everything will be fine, I know. But if not, read my blog and call my cousin Ellen.



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