How We Did It–Those Loop Holes

I am reposting part of my 2015 New Year’s Eve story about how we celebrated New Year’s Eve in Times Square in 2006 without wearing Adult Depends or freezing outside for many hours in those human cages. It was one of my best “getting-around-the-loophole moments.”

The year before, we celebrated Kelly’s 21st birthday in New York City, and we had so much fun being tourists in the Big Apple around Christmas that we decided to return. You all asked if we could celebrate in Times Square, and I said absolutely not. I had read about the need to arrive VERY early, and all my research said there were no bathrooms available. That was the deal breaker for me.

I compromised by agreeing to dinner in the vicinity of Times Square. I found a nice Italian restaurant but then discovered it was on the other side of Broadway from our hotel. “How will we ever work our way through all the crowds,” I wondered out loud.

My panic was calmed when I learned that  a written confirmation from the restaurant would help. So early in the day, we walked there to scope out the route and secure our written reservation—the golden ticket it turned out.

That evening, we set out on our journey, and as we headed toward Broadway, I recall thinking we were in big trouble when I noticed the barricaded streets manned by the NYPD. When we explained where we were going and presented our reservation, we were magically permitted to continue on our trip. We were ushered past all the revelers penned in like animals at the zoo and were able to literally run past everyone.  I felt as if we had arrived at the gates of Emerald City, and we were permitted inside once we showed the guard our ruby slippers.

We had a wonderful dinner followed by dancing in the bar, and then around 11:30, we noticed a steady line of people heading toward the door. We followed and  were shocked to see that we were just a short walk away from the famous New Year’s Eve Ball. The countdown began followed by the tons of confetti. What a wonderful surprise! It was the best party of my life.

Sometimes, the best moments are the unexpected!

Happy 2017!

Times Square 2006

Toasting in the New Year Before the Big Surprise


P.S. Dad reminded me to mention that the building in Times Square where the ball drops each year–the building with the electronic billboards and news ticker–was once owned by Allied Chemical, which was Grandpa’s employer for thirty-five years and where we met each other. This is just a piece of family trivia.

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