Down Memory Lane on a Tree

I was recently asked if I would consider hiring someone to put up my Christmas tree. After thinking for a moment, I decided that while I dislike assembling our old artificial tree with its two dozen or so pieces, I thoroughly enjoy hanging our ornaments.

You all saw Aunt El’s Star Wars tree last year. It was definitely very unique and very her. I know several people who periodically change the look of their tree, but that’s not for me. The collection of ornaments on our tree tells our story, beginning in 1976 when I was in college. That was the 200th anniversary of the birth of our nation.


Not far away is the ornament commemorating the year Dad and I were married—38 years ago. It is two lovebirds flanking a heart.


I always liked doing crafts although I am not good at it. I need help, so one year, I found wooden Peanuts ornaments which Daddy and I colored with felt-tipped pens. We brought a set with us as a gift to the mother of his friend, Dave, who lived in Salt Lake City and was also a lover of the Peanuts gang. These ornaments are particularly wonderful, because they cannot be broken by the new generation of children wandering around our house now.


I spent many years sanding and painting a plethora of ceramic pieces, beginning when we lived in New York and continuing in New Jersey. Naturally, I own the classic Christmas tree, which was our only tree the year Bryce was living with us and had just learned to walk.


One year when you were all young, I brought home several snowflake ornaments for all of you to decorate. I let you sprinkle on glitter, which I know Kelly hates because it’s s messy. I guess I was a very wonderful mom or just dumb! I saved a few reminders of your entrance into the world of ceramic creativity for myself.


You all brought me home ornaments which you made in art class, such as this elegant beauty by Casey.


Aunt Lorraine truly loved and could do more than just fill in the blanks with paint or crayons, as exemplified by this angel. I look at this and remember her smiling face—happy to the end.


Do you recall the year we went to Hershey Park? I think Casey was afraid of the walking candy kisses. Here is a memory of that trip.


After spending four years touring the Southeast, we finally settled in South Carolina. As our adopted town and home of the college which two of you attended, we now have the loveable Cocky dangling from the branches. Bryce loves playing “where’s Cocky.”


Not to be missed is an ornament to represent the North Carolina college attended by Jamie.


Now we have a new generation of youngins in the family, so there will continue to be new homemade creations added to the tree each year I hope.


So do I want to have a themed tree? No way, no how! This tree represents forty years of memories which can never be replaced by a Star War Tree.


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