Time to Whine

It’s that time of the year: time for me to begin whining and complaining already. How did this happen so soon? I realize I should have known when I saw the Christmas decorations begin to appear shortly after Labor Day and then a few weeks ago when “The Love” station on Sirius radio switched to Christmas music.

As you all know, Christmas is not my favorite time of the year because of the shopping. I hate to shop! Oh how I really wish Santa was real! Don’t get me wrong. I don’t dislike all that is Christmas. I enjoy the music (just not in September), getting presents, the lights (just not dragging them up and decorating the bushes and trees outside), and the Christmas movies.

But it’s not the same anymore. I remember when the three of you were little, and you all loved going through the JC Penney Christmas catalog each year, each of you carefully circling the toys you wanted Santa to bring to you. That helped me tremendously in knowing what you wanted.

Now you are spread near and far, so I don’t hear anyone dropping hints nor do I see anyone carefully circling their secret wishes in a catalog. I try to come up with clever gifts, but it is just so difficult.

I don’t make the spread of cookies any more—mostly because there are not a lot of little mouths in my household or at the Christmas Day dinner at our house to scoff up the chocolate chip, spritz, peanut butter kisses, chocolate candy canes, and oatmeal cookies that I always began baking weeks before Christmas and stored in the freezer. Also, now Dad and I need to worry about the extra pounds which seem to now settle around our waists more and more each year.

We have our own favorite movies—Love Actually and The Holiday—are two of my nontraditional now classics which we enjoy.

Dad still makes our Christmas Eve hors d’oeuvres, and we now have the next generation of children to watch as they visit Santa at the zoo (our new Southern tradition) and see their excitement on Christmas morning.

I will try really, really hard to remember these fun parts of Christmas when the shopping Grinch begins to creep my way.


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