I’m Here for a Smoothie

Kelly is always keeping me up to date with Bryce’s latest words of wisdom, which is great because it always jump-starts a conversation with Grandma. Bryce has become a fan of smoothies. I know this because he recently walked into our kitchen and asked if we could make one.

So when Kelly mentioned what happened the other night, I was not surprised. Apparently, after he had been in bed a long time and presumably asleep, Mark decided to whip out the blender and make himself a nice refreshing blend of fruit, yogurt, and juice. No sooner had the blended began to make its whirring sounds, Bryce showed up in the kitchen and announced, “I’m here for a smoothie!” He did not want to miss out on a treat.

That reminded me of my youth, but back then, we were not drinkers of smoothies. In fact, I never heard of the word as a kid. Instead, I drank blizzards. A blizzard was a drink made famous by, I thought, Dairy Queen. My favorite flavor to get was a pineapple blizzard, but at home, we always made chocolate blizzards.

Here is the problem with its origination. According to their own website, “More than 175 million Blizzard® Treats sold in its first year,” but that year, on dairyqueen.com, was 1985. I was married, a mother of one child, and living in New York by then, but I specifically recall going to the Dairy Queen in Denville, either by car with the family (very rarely) or by bicycle with my friends (a ten mile ride)

So did Grandma invent the name, and the recipe (ice cream, milk, and Bosco chocolate syrup), and then sell it to Dairy Queen? If so, where is the money for her invention?

Inquiring minds need to know the answer to this mystery!




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